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FVG Honeybell

Honeybell Oranges
Honeybell Oranges

Hard to get, but worth the effort. You've never tasted anything like this remarkable cross between juicy Tangerines & delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit. These easy-to peel oranges are easy to peel and bursting with a sweet flavor. Order now to reserve your Honeybells, because when they’re gone, you’ll have to wait ‘til next year.
Starting from $24.95

Lots of Oranges
Lots ofOranges

Orange you glad you kept browing? We've taken our delicious Honeybell Oranges and paired them with our favorite Juicy Sweet Oranges. You won't know which one to have first.

Order #HB3A.....$28.95

Citrus Sunshine
Citrus Sunshines

Some folks may not like winter, but we love it! These incredible fruit can only be had at this time of year. Kick start your immune system and conquer winter with this assortment of Red Grapefruit, super Sweet Oranges and juicy Honeybell oranges.

Order #HB3M.....$27.95

Just Red and Orange
Just Red and Orange

You've asked us for years, and we've listened. The perfect blend. Mix it up with Six large delicious Red Grapefruit and six juicy Honeybell Oranges. All guaranteed to make you want more.

Order #HB3G.....$26.95

Burst of Fruit
Burst of Fruit

A gift bursting with flavor. They be overjoyed to open this special pack on that cold January day. Sure to make them smile. Hand selected and packed, we include three Red Grapefruit, two crunchy Red Delicious apples, two sweet Comice pears and four juicy Honeybell Oranges.

Order #HB3C.....$27.95

Orchard Choice
Orchard Choice

This gift combines each of our favorite orchard fresh delights. All harvested at the peak of perfection, and rushed to each eagerly awaiting recipient. They'll receive three Red Grapefruit, three Comice Pears, three Honeybell Oranges and two super Sweet Oranges.

Order #HB3P.....$28.95

Honeybell Sampler
Honeybell Sampler

This well thought out gift gives them a taste of all our favorites including special treat of Honeybell marmalade. They'll enjoy four rich Red Grapefruit, one each of a Red Delicious Apple, Comice Pear, a sweet Orange & a Honeybell all sprinkled with strawberry filled candies.

Order #HB3S.....$29.95

Serrated Grapefruit Spoons Picture of Serrated Grapefruit Spoons

The perfect way to lift fruit sections without tearing the fruit or squirting the juice.
Order #SPN.... $12.95 w/ Free Shipping!

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